Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I still don't know what I had eaten to produce this.

My mate used to live in a relatively small house with just his mum and his sister.

One day in the summer holidays off school I used the downstairs toilet in said house, and unleashed what has since that day been referred to as 'Hiroshima'. It wasn't so much the fact that I couldn't flush it away, it was just the intoxicating reek it produced. It could have taken the flesh off your face...

So his mum wasn't too happy when she arrived home from work. 2 cans of Pledge hadn't even scratched the surface.

Not only that but the next time I was round there when she came home, me and my mate had been doing kung-fu in the lounge, and after a crafty 3 inch punch from my sparring partner, my nose had exploded with blood which I proceeded to drip all over the very same downstairs toilet.

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